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Wicked Love {21/52}

This is not the type of artwork that you'd typically see from me, but I was approached by two friends who are starting a new original band and they needed artwork for their cover. The original idea was supposed to be a sexy pinup girl, but I obviously got caught up in my imagination again.

The band is called "Wicked Love" and you can see a much cleaner version of this on their fan page (www.facebook.com/wickedloveband). Please stop by and show them some support by liking their page. They are both really talented musicians and are recording their debut EP this week. I can't wait to hear it!

So after I created the version they are currently using for their cover photo, I became inspired to create this whole storyline behind this character. I see her as a woman that was terribly wronged by a treacherous sea captain who abused and mistreated her. When she caught him in bed with another woman, she sought revenge and ripped out his heart in a fit of rage. Unsatisfied, she took his still beating heart to the evil sorceress and begged her to release the Kraken upon his ship. However, the spell came at a price, leaving her disfigured and immortalized, left to wonder the sandy shore and watch as the Kraken sank the ship that once carried her love, over and over again for eternity. 

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking this is really creepy, but I was curious to see how far I could take it, and I actually really like the way it turned out. And just to answer the question that may be creeping into your brain... no, I am not actually holding a human heart. That is stock photography that I bought (the hand holding the heart) and I blended it into the rest of my arm. Why there is this kind of stock out there, I have no idea, but apparently there is a market for that sort of thing. Well...I bought it anyways, so somebody made some money for holding whatever kind of heart that is. Whoever it is, is a lot braver than I am because there is no way in hell I'd do it! Yuck!

Oh and on a side note, the scar that is on her face, that is actually a picture I took of the stitches after my skin cancer was removed. I remember thinking...I might need this for a project someday. Guess I was right! Maybe I should sell it as stock photography. lol

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