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What The Fruit?


The other day, a friend told me about this woman who came into the gallery and was very perplexed my art. In fact, she was so bewildered by my work that she became quite concerned about my mental well being. "She must be weird," she said, "I mean, she HAS to be completely insane!"

It's true... I'm entirely bonkers! But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. 

I laughed at this story because, for one, I am a little weird and I totally embrace my weirdness. And two, I've been waiting for this kind of reaction since I started focusing on surrealism... so, I've finally arrived! lol

I realize my work isn't going to appeal to everyone and that's something I came to terms with a long time ago. When I first started this journey, I really tried to create images that I thought other people would like, but those images always felt disingenuous. So I started creating from my heart... and creating for me.

It's impossible to please everybody because we are all so different. So, the best advise I could ever give another artist is... create for you and if other people like it then, bonus! But the moment you allow your self-worth to be wrapped up into someone else's opinion, then you really will go insane. So save your sanity and do what makes YOU happy. Everything else will fall into place.

In terms of my art, this is just how I see the world. I admit, it's an odd way to view it, but the REAL WORLD is completely nuts! So, perhaps my interpretation isn't all that weird after all? Besides... who's to say what is normal anyway?  Maybe "normal" is weird! I say, if you're lucky enough to have that spark of madness, that spark of creativity that lights up inside you... Then, embrace it. Embrace the madness! Because it's the very thing that makes you unique. 

With that said, I'm jumping back down the rabbit hole and revisiting Portraits of Wonderland. These are going to be a bit elaborate and will take some time to do, but I'll update on progress as I go. Follow me on instagram @madamemadfish for a behind the scenes look as the madness continues!

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