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Unlocking Wonderland


Last year I was fortunate enough to see this amazing theatre production in London called, Alice Underground. It was the last week of production and it was the most incredible experience. It was an interactive production and the path you took depended on the card you drew from the deck. So you could see this show multiple times and have a different experience every time.

What struck me the most was the level of detail throughout this labyrinth of mazes. Each room was a feast for the eyes. Honestly, it was hard to focus on any one thing. There was so much to look at! I remember walking through the first hallway which was covered with pages from who knows how many books and it was the most magical feeling. Like... you were walking into the story. And that was just the beginning. 

I've wanted to revive this series for a long time, but when I lost half the project with my computer crash, it seemed unlikely. But that show sparked the flame again and it's been burning in my brain ever since. So here we go... down the rabbit hole again. Who knows who we'll meet when we unlock the door to Wonderland.  

P.S. This book did not shed its pages in vain. It was a tattered find from Goodwill and I appreciate its sacrifice for my art. I hope you do too. And just in case you were wondering... it took quite some time to build this set and I plan on keeping it up for awhile. Many thanks to my husband for being such a good sport about it. ;)

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