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Topsy-Turvy {38/52}

Topsy-Turvy: 1. In utter confusion or disorder. 2. With the top or head downward.

I don't think there is a better word to describe how I feel this week, than this one. We finally moved out of our house and into a temporary vacation rental until our new home is built. It's a weird feeling to pack away everything you own, knowing that you won't see it again for 3-6 months. We really had to anticipate what we might need and, as it turns out, you really don't need that much. The only possessions we took with us were a few clothes, my camera and computer, Henry's drums (of course...can't take my creative spirit and not take his!)...oh...and of course, this trunk and suitcase (the one's in the picture). These two items carried my most precious cargo.... all of my props, dresses, and wigs (I gotta have my wigs! lol). Everything I need to create my art. And everything else.... it was all packed away in a POD and shipped away to storage. 

At first, it felt....weird. Unnerving, almost. But now that we've settled in, I feel a little lighter and so unbelievably relaxed. The past two months have been hectic and to tell you the truth, I don't even know how I've kept up with this project. But if there's a will, there's a way. Right?

So, I know this image is a bit odd, but I really like it. Honestly, it was somewhat inspired by the new American Horror Story series that begins this week, called the Freak Show. Normally, I'm a comedy kind of girl and don't go for horror shows, but I watched last season and was hooked. I'm looking forward to the circus theme and whoever did their artwork for the advertisements is a genius. That would have been a dream job for me. I don't normally give a sneak peak into my future projects, because sometimes things don't work out and I have to scrap an idea, but I've been wanting to do a circus themed project for a while now. Early in the year, I was inspired by the circus coming to town and bought a few costumes for this idea, but never had the time to create it. Now that we're settled and the house is finally out of our hair, this might be the time to do it. We shall see....

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