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Throwback Thursday!

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words last week. It really meant a lot, and it helped knowing that I wasn't alone. The image that came out of that moment was so emotional and is deeply connected to me. It is by far my favorite image to date. With that being said, I don't plan on hanging it in the gallery at Art Mecca. I created that image to help me express the feelings I was going through and there is no better feeling than creating something for yourself.

After taking a week off, I am feeling much better and more like myself again. I'm working on a new image for the Optical Delusions event and hope to be back on schedule for sharing that on Sunday. In the meantime, here is the first composite I ever did. Exactly one year ago, I created "Butterfly Whisperer" which is still one of my favorite images. I created this before I knew what composting was... before I knew that self-portrait was a genre of photography....before I even knew anything about this style of photography really. Honestly, I just wanted to wear my wedding dress again and where is there a better place than Charleston to create ghostly images!

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