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Back to Wonderland with the White Queen

It's a new year and time to jump back into my Wonderland project! 

The white Queen is one of the first characters that Alice meets in the story, Through the Looking Glass. She first appears in the drawing room just beyond the looking-glass as an animate chess piece. The White Queen tells Alice that, in her youth, she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast" and counsels Alice to practice the same skill.

I'd like to give a very BIG thank you to my dear friend, Christy, for playing the part. It was such a fun experience and we had a grand time, drinking wine and dancing around the living room to the tunes of David Bowie. Of course, once we got down to business, she was a trooper with three costume changes and a few hours of sitting and waiting, while I experimented with smoke machines and lighting adjustments. She was so patient and I can't thank her enough!

I hope you enjoy this short video of a click through of all the Photoshop layers that went into the making of this image (to the intro of Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie).  

Portraits of Wonderland will continue next month with the Queen of Hearts!

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