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Carnival Madness—The Performer

To anyone who has ever said, "I would love to see inside your mind."

Well, trust me, you don't want any part of that mess! 

Sometimes I wonder how I haven't driven my husband crazy yet. Hell, I don't even know how I've managed to hold onto some glimpse of sanity myself! I have obsessed over this image for far too many hours to count, and yet, my husband remains patiently supportive, as I click on and off layers that seemingly do nothing (at least as far as he can tell). But I notice!

I finally think I'm happy with it though and wrote this incredibly insightful blog post about it, and of course, my web browser crashes. So I lost everything. All of it. I had to laugh though. That seems to be the story of my life lately. Computers crashing, losing hours of work. Sigh. But life goes on and the reality is, none of it really matters.

What matters most is the people we love and spending all the time we can with them. So I'm going to sign off now and snuggle up to my husband on the couch, unless he talks me into wrapping presents. Which he probably will and some how I'll end up doing all the wrapping while he holds the tape. That doesn't seem fair now, does it? Haha! Oh well. It must be some sort of Jedi mind trick. ;)

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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