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New Image—New Series!

Hello friends!

It feels like forever since I've posted anything, but I needed a little break to recharge my batteries. During my creative vacation, I decided to take some time to do something I haven't done in ages—lose myself in a good book. So, Henry and I ventured out to the bookstore one day and wandered around for a bit. I wasn't looking for anything in particular when something caught my eye on the bottom shelf.

Now, they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it was the cover that captured my interest. In fact, it even inspired a new personal goal for me. I did a little research and submitted my work to two international agencies that work exclusively with publishers and record companies. The first agency I submitted to rejected my work and at first I thought, maybe this dream isn't meant to be, but then I decided—what the hell, I might as well try again. What's the worst that could happen, right? Rejection? Eh, it's not the first time and it won't be the last. But, guess what? The other agency accepted my work! With any luck, maybe someday soon you'll be able to walk into your local bookstore and it will be my images that capture your attention, enticing you to pick up that book you might have otherwise overlooked. The moral of the story—don't ever give up! Rejection is only a bump in the road, so don't let it lead you astray.

Anyways, back to the book (I got a little distracted there for a minute). It's no secret that I'm a fan of Alice in Wonderland and some of my work has been inspired by it. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was about Alice's great great granddaughter who goes back to Wonderland to undo the mistakes Alice made in order to save her family from a curse. The thing I love most about a good story is the ability to lose yourself in your imagination. With each chapter, a new scene began to unfold in my mind and I was obsessed. Alice and all those strange creatures visited me in my dreams every night for weeks. It became clear to me what my next big project should be. I wanted to make a proper tribute to one of my favorite stories, so I started sketching ideas for "Portraits of Wonderland."

The March Hare — Portraits of Wonderland

The general idea of the series is to have all the wonderfully weird characters of Wonderland over for tea and a portrait session at my home. My plan is to explore all the characters, not just the main ones. Perhaps one day, the Mad Hatter will stop by for a quick portrait, and on another, maybe it'll be a lesser known character from the story, like the Mock Turtle or the Dodo Bird. 

I'm really excited about the possibilities with this series and I absolutely love the tone of this image, which sets the tone for the images to follow. I've seen a lot of Alice themed concepts in the past, but I haven't seen anything from this perspective. Maybe someday it will turn into a coffee table book and fulfill another dream of mine. I truly hope you enjoy this new series as much as I do and perhaps the wonderful madness of it all will bring a little bit of magic into your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read about it!

Lots of love ~ Daniella