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Metamorphosis {40/52}

Confession... I am not comfortable in my own skin...I've never thought of myself as beautiful and I'm definitely not a model. In fact, every time my husband tells me I'm beautiful, I often scoff in disbelief. So creating something like this was not easy for me. Since I started this project though, I feel like I've grown as a person and as an artist. It's helped me become more confident in who I am, which is something I've always lacked. These butterflies symbolize that transformation.

With each image, I put a little more of myself out there to the world in hopes to inspire others to do the same. To be comfortable with who you are and to love yourself. It's easier said than done sometimes. There is so much negativity and criticism in the world.... so much pressure to be perfect. But we were never meant to be perfect. We all have flaws and should embrace those flaws because that is what makes us unique. So this is me, embracing those flaws...embracing who I am...imperfections and all. 

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