Daniella Fishburne | Madame MadFish


The Magpie and the Raven

I forgot how much I love antique shops. There's something exhilarating about exploring all those wonderful treasures and discovering something truly unique. A few weeks ago, Henry and I visited a little shop on Coleman Blvd. in hopes of finding a teacup for my project. There were a lot more options than I had expected! I eventually narrowed it down to three, but I could have gone crazy and bought more if I had the money. I also came across this wonderful pair of vintage gloves and they struck me immediately. I began to imagine them as feathers and wondered if there were any birds in Wonderland. 

After a little research, I found a list of creatures from Wonderland and came across the magpie and looked up the story. In chapter three (A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale), Alice talks about her cat at the end of the race and how much she misses her. Unfortunately, she's surrounded by birds and mentions how her cat likes to eat them. Of course, her current company didn't take very kindly to that and the old Magpie began wrapping itself up very carefully, remarking, "I really must be getting home; the night-air doesn't suit my throat!" Most of us probably don't remember this part of the story, I certainly didn't. But, she seemed so prim and proper, which suited the vintage gloves and dress I found. 

After a little more research, I found out that magpies are related to crows and I remembered there was a raven in the story. In Chapter seven (A Mad Tea Party), Alice visits the Mad Hatter and company. We're all familiar with this part of the story, in fact this is probably one of my favorite parts. During the riddle filled conversation, the Mad Hatter asks, "Why is a raven like a writing-desk?" The question is never answered and we're still left wondering, so I thought it'd be fun to add a small portrait of a raven hanging on the wall. It almost gives an air of sadness, like a loved one that's passed. I like the sense of melancholy that it portrays.

Next, I'm hoping to tackle the Mad Hatter. The hardest part about this project is finding the right costumes and props. I don't want to use Halloween costumes or anything like that. I want it to be more organic, so I'm searching the lowcountry for unique treasures that will bring these characters to life. Hopefully I can find the right hat to bring my own uniqueness to this fun character. Wish me luck!