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Gathering My Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've written a blog for my self-portraits. Over the past two years, I wrote something for each and every piece, but this year has been different.

My style seems to be changing a bit, from quirky dream-like images to something more personal and deeper. With exploring some of these emotions it has been difficult to express my feelings with words and I've lost all motivation to write. 

Lately, I find it's better to say nothing and let the work speak for itself. I didn't want to sully these images with heavy handed words, so I only shared them on my Facebook page without saying very much. If you haven't seen them, I added them to the bottom of this post. 

Maybe one day I'll get back into my writing groove, but with everything that's going on in the world lately, I just want to escape into my own little dream world and pretend everything is beautiful again. This is where I gather my thoughts and let my imagination run wild.

Fun facts about this image: I used pillow stuffing to create the clouds or "thoughts" and painted a piece of cardboard black using acrylic paint to give the sky the painted feeling of brushstrokes. I had to tone it down quite a bit in Photoshop so that it would blend better with the rest of the image, but I had fun creating this miniature stage on my bookshelf. I just might have to try this again. 

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