Daniella Fishburne | Madame MadFish


Follow Your Bliss {24/52}

I've been a little off lately... not like "off my rocker" (although that could be debated)... but just... not myself. Uninspired and unmotivated, I felt lost as I tried to figure out what this week's project would be. Nothing seemed to come together and I began to fear I was out of creativity. I had hit a roadblock and stress seemed to be the culprit.

But then a funny thing happened yesterday when I was driving to the store. I was driving down a familiar road that I've driven down quite often, but I noticed a road that I've never seen before. It was a simple curve, lined by lush trees and all I imagined was walking down this road to a happier me. It was an unexpected inspiration. There isn't a lot of editing to this image. Just enough to give it a vintage look, which I love, but sometimes the simplest images have the greatest impact.

The truth of the matter is, sometimes life gets in the way of your dreams. It happens to all of us. Whether it be your job or family, or whatever. At some point we all get to a point where we have to make a decision. For me, right now, I have to decide whether or not to keep going at all cost with this project, or take a break to do what I need to do.

My husband and I are in the processes of renovating our house so we can put it on the market. We are ready for a new life, in a new home. But trying to juggle this project on top of a full time job, PLUS painting walls and ripping out carpet. Well, let's be practical here... I'm not super woman! 

So, I'm sad to say, this will be my last post for a little while. Just until we get the house finished. There is a lot of work to be done, but hopefully it won't take too long. Before I go though, I'd like to leave you all with this piece of advice....

No matter what, always follow your bliss because it will lead you down the road to happiness. You will hit roadblocks along the way, but don't let them deter you from what makes you happy. Deal with the obstacle at hand, then get back on the road. There will always be roadblocks, that's why so many people don't follow through with their dreams. They hit one and give up, but success is only given to those who NEVER give up. So do yourself a favor, do NOT give up.... believe in yourself! Because I believe in you. I think we all have a chance to do whatever it is that makes us happy. It all starts with you. It's your life and it doesn't last forever... so do what makes you happy NOW... and everything else will fall into place.