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Flight of the Spirit {3/52}

Only when you let go of fear, can your spirit be set free.

"Flight of the Spirit" 

This project was much tougher than I thought it was going to be. Mainly because I was hard headed and shot this in broad daylight. I prefer to shoot on cloudy, overcast days because the lighting is softer, but I didn't do that. As a result, I learned three valuable lessons this week. One, you have to be patient and two,  you can't procrastinate. I admit, I am terrible at both of these. I'm always waiting until the last minute to do something...but God forbid I have to wait on somebody else! I'm really trying to be better about this and with photography, I've learned that this is especially important. The day before I took this shot, the weather was near perfect, but I was too tired and quite frankly, lazy, to go out and shoot. So I said...I'll do it tomorrow. The next day was bright and sunny, but I said...I'm going to shoot it anyway! And because of that, I had a hell of a time in post processing. The lighting was very harsh, so it took me a long time to get this the way I had envisioned in my head. But I love the way it turned out and lesson learned. Oh wait...I said I learned THREE lessons, right...well this one is very important.

You see that puff of smoke? I created that by filling my hands with baby powder and smacking them together. Word to the wise, if you ever decide to try this out...don't do it on a windy day. It's not fun when it blows back in your face! And especially if your mouth is open...YUCK! I did smell quite lovely afterwards though....so that was a plus!

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