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Curiosities and Conundrums

"Cosmic Encounter"


It's been awhile . . . 

I lost that fire in my belly, and for a moment, I thought it might be gone for good. 

Over the summer, my external hard drive died and, long story short, I lost most of my work. Four years of hard work and all those long hours spent toiling away in front of a computer were thrown out the window. Everything was gone. Or at least most of it anyway. My only saving grace was a thumb drive where I had saved a few jpegs for printing. But all of my early work, including my Charleston photography and over half of my digital manipulations have completely vanished.

As you can imagine, I was pretty upset about it . . .  and I ugly cried . . .  hard.

After I mourned the loss of my work, I seriously considered walking away from it all. I have a full time job and a family. Why am I even doing this anyway? Do I really want to start all over? What is the point? 

Honestly, if I hadn't already accepted an invitation to a group exhibition in Venice, Italy by this point, I probably would have walked away. I was exhausted and it seemed like a good reason to give up.

But then I went to Italy and it changed everything. There are no words that can truly explain it. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. Seeing my hard work hanging in this beautiful old building, in this beautiful city, in a foreign land that I never in my life thought I'd ever be able to visit. It felt like a dream.

Sometimes I question whether or not it was even real. It all came and went so fast, like a blur. And as time passes, my memory grows fuzzy and the details begin to fade. But I'll never forget that night, after leaving the gallery . . .  when I looked up at the stars and for a moment I felt as though those stars were within my reach. My DREAMS were within reach. And I knew . . .  there is no walking away from this. 

So now I move forward. There will be a lot of changes coming soon, including a complete overhaul of my website and social media presence. And for now, I've decided to focus on rebuilding my two current series, Portraits of Wonderland and Mannequin Madness, which I've lost a few pieces to and will need to reshoot.

I'll also be focusing on a new series that evolved unexpectedly . . .  Curiosities and Conundrums. A visual tale of a young woman's journey through strange lands.

Who knows where this new road will lead . . .

"Fork in the Road"


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