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Brave {10/52}

She didn't think she had the courage to take that first step, to forge a new path and change her fate. When she finally realized that she had nothing left to lose, she packed her bags and ran from the life she knew. "There must be more to life than this," she thought. So she took the road less traveled and found the doors to freedom. Unsure where this path will lead her, she hesitated, before stepping into the light and emerging from the darkness. The light was so bright that she had to shield her eyes, but with each step she knew that she was braver than she ever gave herself credit for, and the life that laid ahead was even more beautiful than she ever imagined.

This is the third part to the story I started a few weeks ago with Runaway. I say it's the third part instead of the ending because I don't think this is the end...I believe it is only the beginning. It's funny, this image was kind of an accident. I had another idea in mind when my husband and I went out into this field and had a fun day shooting. Henry was laying on the ground, shooting away as I kept jumping repeatedly into the air. My hope was to catch movement in my hair and dress.

Even though we got some great shots for my planned image, it was this one that spoke to me in editing. I was flipping through 148 images (yes, we got a little carried away...but we had a lot of fun) and I kept coming back to this one. There was just something about it and I didn't even pose for it. This was right before I leapt into the air, as I was taking a step forward. Since I didn't have a plan for it, I was left frustrated in editing. Then I had a talk with a dear friend who was visiting from out of town, and she told me that sometimes she has to walk away from a project then come back to it when she's inspired. So I did... and before I knew it, I had this vision pop in my head of light shinning down on her.

Every week I face failure. I worry that I won't be able to meet the expectations that I've set for myself, or will run out of ideas, but with each image I gain a little more confidence and become more and more inspired. I want to thank those who have taken the time to share their story with me. You inspire me everyday. We have all been through something that changes us and forces us to grow, whether we believe we are ready for it or not. 

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