Daniella Fishburne | Madame MadFish


Artist Statement

I am a photographer, but I do not photograph the world as we see it. Instead, I blend images together to create windows into a world of dreamlike hallucinations. Bending reality to meet my imagination, surrealism is often the main ingredient in my imagery. Some hauntingly beautiful, others, eerily romantic. My themes explore various thought, from whimsical daydreaming to the darker areas of the mind.

The majority of my work involves self-portraiture, although in most cases I am unrecognizable. Partially hidden faces, or headless altogether, my characters remain anonymous. I do this intentionally, not to hide my identity, but to allow the character to tell their story without distraction, using my body or parts of my face only as a foundation to build the scene.  

The world we perceive is only one part of our reality, the other part is composed of the imaginary details we put in front of us. My only hope is that you’ll linger in the worlds I create and leave only believing that anything is possible.